Działania na rzecz ochrony klimatu wyzwaniem współpracy transatlantyckiej w XXI w.

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The article focuses on analysis of activities for climate protection within the transatlantic cooperation. In the fi rst part of the study general determinants, interests and aims of the EU and the U.S. climate policies have been presented. The divergent interests and different European and American development priorities condition their mixed actions for climate protection, both at domestic level and within the frameworks of international climate negotiations. In the second part of the article difficulties in working out a common position of the EU and the U.S. on global activities for climate protection that consist on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions have been discussed. The analysis encompasses the reasons and implications of the specifi c U.S. and EU’s stances within the process of negotiations of new global climate agreement with ambitious reduction aims that should be signed in 2015 and implemented after 2020 (post-Kyoto). In the last part of the study some aspects of U.S. and EU’s actions for climate protection within the frameworks of transatlantic cooperation have been presented. The EU aimed at convincing the U.S. about the necessity for reduction of global temperature by two Celsius degrees relative to the level from preindustrial period and at adoption multiyear obligations as to reduction greenhouse gas emissions. That is why these issues have been included into the program of transatlantic cooperation.
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Krakowskie Studia Międzynarodowe 2014, nr 1 s. 163-180.
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