Innowacyjny model „Nauka – Sztuka – Edukacja” w praktyce wczesnoszkolnego kształcenia plastycznego

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In the article the authors discuss the practical implementation of the model work with a plastically gifted child “Science – Art – Education”, founded at the end of 2013. As a result of implementation of the international research project. The resulting model, from the theoretical point of view, has been described in the scientifi c monograph edited by J. Aksman: Science – Art – Education. Innovative model of diagnosis, methods and forms of work and care for plastically gifted children. This model shows the importance of science in early school education through art, based on the innovative combination of art education and health education of children in grades 1–3 of primary school. The consequence of this combination is the intention of the authors of the project to shape life skills of the mentioned children. Theoretically reasoned innovative model Science – Art – Education (SAE) was extremely important but the initial stage of the work. Another one, which has now been adopted and which is described in the article – is associated with a wider than before application of this innovative model – with an attempt of its implementation in everyday practice of art lessons with pupils in early school age. This task involves a further, currently implemented on a research project The eff ectiveness of the model of work with a plastically gifted child “Science – Art – Education” in the three-year cycle of lessons (WPiNH/DS/5/2015) directed by J. Aksman. The attempts to further applications of the Innovative Model into daily teaching practice and forms of its popularization are very important and they are described in this article: – the creation by J. Aksman and J. Gabzdyl and publishing by Ofi cyna Wydawnicza AFM (Publishing House AFM) methodological studies in early school age and materials for students as well as teachers who have been currently participating in the model SAE under the guidance of J. Aksman in Województwo małopolskie (Lesser Poland Voivodeship); – the introduction of newer and newer appropriate contents to the educational programs of students majoring in Pedagogy at Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Academy in Cracow; – training of professionally active teachers of Województwo małopolskie (Lesser Poland Voivodeship); – as well as training of scientifi c staff and students Educational faculty at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, implemented within the framework of international cooperation, including participation of J. Aksman and J. Gabzdyl in a research project Strategy in the education of art – the creation of new models and study materials for courses (KEGA č. 036UMB-4/2015) under the guidance of L. Kasáčová.
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Państwo i Społeczeństwo 2016 (XVI), nr 2, s. 185-206.
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