Radykalna demokracja jako zasada niezależnego sieciowego dziennikarstwa na przykładzie projektu Indymedia

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Project Indymedia is an institutionalized example of global activism mediated by the new information technologies. The significant innovation here is the fulfilment of the radical democracy ideal, that has not been fully realized yet, despite of numerous attempts. It can be seen that the Indymedia implements radical democratic vision of the media and promotes participants with widely known slogan „be the media”. Indymedia initiative promotes the idea that everybody should have access to the possibility of free creation of information and its unlimited transfer to the wide audience. Notably, radical democratic practices undertaken by the Indymedia go beyond the content of its internet page and include a number of important institutional activities that involve new communication technologies in global network dimension. The so-called radical democratic practices also involve an active attempts to renegotiate the basic relations of power, leveling hierarchical systems (an example of this is the decision-making procedure supported by consensus), and the prevention of visible limitations of the access to content (example is promotion of an open access software). The paper presents framework of the project, its basic ideas, with particular emphasis on implementation of radical democracy elements. The main purpose is to answer the questions concerning extreme inclusiveness of the project and evaluation of its radical democratic character.
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Państwo i Społeczeństwo 2015 (XV), nr 1, s. 181-195.
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Uznanie autorstwa-Użycie niekomercyjne-Bez utworów zależnych 3.0 Polska
Uznanie autorstwa-Użycie niekomercyjne-Bez utworów zależnych 3.0 Polska