Problemy rozwojowe Egiptu w aspekcie Arabskiej Wiosny

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The social protests in the Middle East states (including Egypt) – so called Arab Spring – were a great shock for international community. The most popular slogans among the Arab protesters were the slogans of freedom, respect for human and civil rights but the real reasons for the mass social opposition were deep social problems, especially demographic and economic ones, which could not stay unsolved no longer. Since 2004 Egyptian authorities began to initiate the process of reforms due to liberate the Egyptian economy. They were welcomed with great applause by the international institutions and especially by the European Union. The western states however did not take into account the fact that this process had some negative impact on the condition of life of average Egyptian and included the social problems in their directives very rarely. This article is an attempt to examine if the cooperation between Egypt and European Union which in the past few decades tries to develop the partnership with all MENA states was effective and if there are the chances to strengthen it in the future, especially in the context of still changing situation in the region. One year since the beginning of Arab Spring is definitely too early for categorical evaluations of EU reaction to the changing partnership however past EU politics towards Egypt was not effective. The first reactions were only rhetorical. Past few months Brussels presented more concrete programs and the packages of support for Egypt and other MENA states. What is important, these propositions included not only the question of economic growth but also the problem of social reforms and development. Arab Spring is still the chance for EU to reformulate its politics towards Egypt but particularly important is the proper coordination of European support for Egyptian reforms.
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Krakowskie Studia Międzynarodowe 2012, nr 1, s. 43-62.
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