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Introduction Project management is dependent on a number of variables such as the rapidly evolving environment, the market, the ability to self-improve, financial resources, market position and many others. Project implementation can therefore be defined as a combination of resources, skils, technology and creativity of project managers. Efficient and skilful project management allows a balance to be struck between the quality standards required, the objectives set and the time in which they are to be achieved, and the budget allocated. This is possible by a project team in which those responsible for the various elements of the task are identifiable, productive, efficient and wellmanaged. Project management is a growing and desirable field that has begun to attract interest at a rapid pace due to the processes of globalisation of the economy that have progressed over the turn of the year. It will be reasonable to conclude that the development of the economy in the modern world is dependent on the effectiveness of the implementation of various project tasks. One of the largest substantive scopes of projects implemented in Poland are IT projects or projects related to the computerisation of a number of entities. Despite their popularity, IT projects are usually tasks that are among the most complex and characterised by a high degree of variability and risk. This is primarily due to the significant evolution and development of information technology and the human factor, which is a risk characteristic of all types of projects. In this context, it makes sense to emphasise the importance of a thorough understanding of the proven methods used in the project management process. These methods are used in all types of projects, of course taking into account the specific scope of each project. What is more, this script will consist of several parts that will discuss the most important mechanisms and basics of project management.
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