Economic defence as one of the pillars of total defence – the case of RTAs as an instrument of strengthening the EU’s competitiveness on foreign markets

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Dynamic changes taking place in the global economy make it necessary to function in a complex and unstable economic environment, to which economies must constantly adapt. This compels entities such as the European Union to systematically review and appropriately shape its foreign policy, which involves taking actions to build resilience to crises and secure commercial interests. Particularly in view of the weakening position of the organisation globally managing international trade, the EU focuses on the implementation of Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs), which are an increasingly important element of EU trade policy and are aimed at strengthening the EU’s competitive position in the global economy and building resilience to crises, which bolsters its economic defence. These aspects constitute an important and current research problem, especially in the context of current events in the global economy. The aim of this article is to present EU trade agreements in the context of their importance for the economic defence of the trade bloc, as well as to analyse the changes that have been introduced in the EU trade policy in the last two decades in relation to this issue. The analysis is based mainly on original materials and scientific studies on EU trade policy, as well as data from the European Commission and the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The analytical and descriptive methods were mainly used. The results of the analysis carried out in the article showed that the implemented trade agreements lead to the strengthening of the competitive position of the EU and the strengthening of economic defence. By taking these actions, the EU is perceived as a pillar of the economic security of the Member States.
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Bezpieczeństwo. Teoria i Praktyka 2022, nr 3, s. 99-111.
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