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  • A Field Study on the Validity of the Quadri-track Zone Comparison Technique (added: 2019-05-30) 

    Shurany, Tuvia; Stein, Einat; Brand, Eytan (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2009)
    "This field study is the third published piece of field research on the validity of the Quadri-Track Zone Comparison Technique. The Quadri-Track ZCT was initially developed in 1977 by James Allan Matte as a result of ...
  • Anticlimax Dampening Concept: It Does Exist (added: 2018-09-07) 

    Shurany, Tuvia (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2016)
  • Confirmed Mental Countermeasure Case in Costa Rica (added: 2019-05-29) 

    Shurany, Tuvia (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2010)
    "There are mixed opinions in our profession about whether papers concerning deliberate distortions and countermeasures should be published. Whether they better educate those wishing to employ them, or help educate the ...
  • European Polygraph no. 2 (36), 2016 (added: 2016-07-11) 

    Aleskovskiy, Sergey; Shurany, Tuvia; Tarabuła, Marcin; Widacki, Michał; Szuba-Boroń, Anna; Gołaszewski, Marcin; Widacki, Jan (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2016)
  • European Polygraph nr 1 (11), 2010 (added: 2015-01-03) 

    Shurany, Tuvia; Blair, J. Pete; Hom, Patricia A.; Lewandowski, Edward; Lewandowski, Łukasz; Widacki, Jan (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2010)
  • European Polygraph nr 1 (15), 2011 (added: 2015-01-09) 

    Widacki, Jan; Saldžiūnas, Vitas; Kovalenko, Aleksandras; Konieczny, Jerzy; Shurany, Tuvia; Ravid, Israel (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2011)
  • European Polygraph nr 1 (19), 2012 (added: 2015-01-16) 

    Gordon, Nathan J.; Fleisher, William L.; Matte, James Allan; Saldžiūnas, Vitas; Kovalenko, Aleksandras; Knyazev, Vladimir; Wilcox, Daniel T.; Gray, Rosie; Shurany, Tuvia; Konieczny, Jerzy (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2012)
  • European Polygraph nr 1 (7), 2009 (added: 2015-01-03) 

    Shurany, Tuvia; Stein, Einat; Brand, Eytan; Saldžiūnas, Vitas; Kovalenko, Aleksandras; Soshnikov, Aleksandr; Pietruszka, Jarosław; Konieczny, Jerzy; Widacki, Jan; Jaworski, Ryszard (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2009)
  • European Polygraph nr 2 (12), 2010 (added: 2015-01-03) 

    Matte, James Allan; Shurany, Tuvia; Chaves, Fabiola; Leśniak, Marek; Zubańska, Magdalena; Mirska, Natalia (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2010)
  • European Polygraph nr 2 (16), 2011 (added: 2015-01-09) 

    Matte, James Allan; Shurany, Tuvia; ; Gołaszewski, Marcin; Wrońska, Małgorzata (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2011)
  • European Polygraph nr 2 (24), 2013 (added: 2015-01-22) 

    Bachhiesl, Christian; Shurany, Tuvia; Chaves, Fabiola; Stempkowski, Monika; Matte, James Allan; Domin-Kuźma, Agnieszka (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2013)
  • European Polygraph nr 2 (44), 2018 (added: 2018-10-10) 

    Amsel, Tuvya T.; Shurany, Tuvia; Gordon, Nathan J.; Widacki, Jan (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2018)
  • European Polygraph nr 3 (33), 2015 (added: 2016-06-09) 

    Shurany, Tuvia; Jaworski, Ryszard; Widacki, Jan; Szuba-Boroń, Anna (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2015)
  • European Polygraph nr 3-4 (9-10), 2009 (added: 2014-12-17) 

    Pollina, Dean A.; Horvath, Frank; Denver, John W.; Dollins, Andrew B.; Brown, Troy E.; Shurany, Tuvia; Matte, James Allan; Stein, Einat; Zanev, Svetoslav; Saldžiūnas, Vitas; Kovalenko, Aleksandras; Gaidarov, Kalin; Lewandowski, Edward; Lewandowski, Łukasz; Wrońska, Małgorzata; Konieczny, Jerzy (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2009)
  • Indiosyncrasies in Chart Evaluation (added: 2019-05-27) 

    Shurany, Tuvia; Gordon, Nathan J. (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2018)
    "In the 1970’s and 1980’s, when the authors attended an American Polygraph Association accredited polygraph schools they were taught that the following 33 changes were reaction criteria:"(...)
  • Influence of case facts on blind scorers of polygraph tests (added: 2019-05-30) 

    Shurany, Tuvia; Matte, James Allan; Stein, Einat (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2009)
    "The first author (Shurany) was asked by a client if the Quality Control Reviewer should be provided with the facts of the case before blind scoring the physiological data recorded on the polygraph charts related to that ...
  • Polygraph Verification Test (added: 2019-05-29) 

    Shurany, Tuvia (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2011)
    If we as examiners wish to defi ne what is the most problematic part of a polygraph test while conducting a Comparison Question Test (CQT) the answer would be adjusting the correct comparison question for this particular ...
  • Testing a Deaf Mute Examinee in Costa Rica (added: 2019-05-29) 

    Shurany, Tuvia; Chaves, Fabiola (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2013)
    "In March 2013, a good friend and client in Costa Rica contacted the first author (Shurany) and told him that he had heard some rumors that two of his employees were involved in theft from his company and one of them ...
  • The Integrated Zone Comparison Technique and ASIT PolySuite Algorithm: A Field Validity Study (added: 2019-05-29) 

    Shurany, Tuvia; Chaves, Fabiola (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2010)
    This field study tested the validity of the Integrated Zone Comparison Technique (IZCT) designed for specific issue testing and the ASIT PolySuite Algorithm for data analysis in a private commercial environment between ...
  • The Open Letter to Polygraphers (added: 2019-05-29) 

    Shurany, Tuvia (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2012)
    "Dear Friends, and Colleagues, I decided to write this paper due to some of my concerns regarding the upcoming requirement of the APA regarding the usage of “Validated Techniques,” that included required methods of ...