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  • Bezpieczeństwo. Teoria i Praktyka 2022, nr 1 (XLVI): Security Strategies in Times of Uncertainty (added: 2022-12-08) 

    Molo, Beata; Kleinwächter, Lutz; Lapins, Wulf; Diec, Joachim; Jach, Anna; Pachucki-Włosek, Krystian; Kamola-Cieślik, Małgorzata; Paszkowski, Michał; Adamczyk, Natalia; Baziur, Grzegorz; Stępniewska-Szydłowska, Paulina; Tyborowska, Patrycja; Pradetto, August; Gärtner, Heinz; Kruk, Aleksandra; Grudzińska, Adrianna; Khmilevska, Polina (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2022)
    Introduction: "We are pleased to present our readers with this recent issue of our journal “Security. Theory and Practice”. This time, it features a vast array of studies that look at issues related to security ...
  • Defence policy of the Republic of Poland in the face of Russian aggression against Ukraine (added: 2022-12-09) 

    Adamczyk, Natalia (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2022)
    As a consequence of Russia’s aggressive actions – initially with regard to the annexation of Crimea, and the beginning of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine in 2014 – many European Union countries have revised their ...
  • Relacje Polski i Ukrainy 2010–2015 – ukraiński punkt widzenia (added: 2018-08-14) 

    Hurak, Ihor (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2016)
    Poland has repeatedly acted as a reliable ally in promoting Ukraine’s activity on the international stage and during internal political turmoil. Polish leadership played the exceptional role during the Revolution of ...