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    A new “gathering of Russian lands”: Russia’s return to imperialism [1]
    A Polygraph-Assisted Psychological Assessment of Risk of Sexual Harm Posed by a Priest [1]
    A Realistic Perspective of the Art and Science of Forensic Psychophysiology [1]
    A renaissance in voice analysers as tools for detection of deception? [1]
    A Survey of the Views of Catholic Safeguarding Coordinators about the Inclusion of the Polygraph in Psychological Risk Assessments of Clerics [1]
    A tale of two hemispheres: Norwegian and Australian approaches to national resilience. A comparative analysis [1]
    A Theoretical Analysis of the Direct Lie Question (DLC) [1]
    A US Army Officer – Commission, Service, and Professional Development: The Way Ahead for the Polish Armed Forces [1]
    Aby molestowanie seksualne w szkole nie stało sie norma [1]
    Academic Malpractice in Tests and Exams from an International Perspective [1]
    Access to information for a transparent ombudsman’s office as a form of human right to fight corruption [1]
    Acciones para combatir el impacto del crimen en el ciberespacio. Prevención y detección con la Inteligencia Artificial [1]
    Activities of the Customs Service aimed at Combating Crime in Trade as an Element of Securing the Effective and Efficient Collection of Budget Revenue [1]
    AD HOC [1]
    AD HOC PLUS [1]
    Adaptacja prawa polskiego do wymogów unijnego rozporządzenia spadkowego (Nr 650/2012) [1]
    Adaptacja rozważań nauk o zarządzaniu o kulturze organizacyjnej do teorii i praktyki naukowych dociekań familiologii [1]
    Adaptation of Law of Ukraine to the EU Law in the Context of European Traditions of Private Law [1]
    Addressing the Root Causes of Migration through Development Aid as a Security-Development Nexus: A Case Study of Germany and Austria [1]
    ADHD i choroba Aspergera a wykluczenie społeczne [1]