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  • Piękno jako oblicze świętości w kaplicy brata Klausa Petera Zumthora (added: 2021-01-07) 

    Stec, Barbara (Politechnika Białostocka, 2017)
    The focus of this research study is the interdependence between beauty and holiness in Peter Zumthor’s Bruder Klaus Field Chapel. Pursuant to Zumthor’s intuition and experience, it has been assumed that beauty can be ...
  • Sunlight and atmosphere in the Ark of the Lord Church in Krakow (added: 2021-01-07) 

    Stec, Barbara (Politechnika Krakowska, 2019)
    The article presents the relationship between sunlight and the atmosphere of the architecture of the Ark of the Lord Church in Krakow and outlines the history of this church. The research method was based on analysis of ...