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  • Comparative perspectives on the Cold War : national and sub-national approaches (added: 2017-07-27) 

    Verhofstad, Rob; Domaradzki, Spasimir; Bessonova, Maryna; Stanke, Jaclyn; Trepanier, Lee (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2010)
    From foreword: This compilation of articles forms the basis from which we started. It is written by five scholars, each focusing on the Cold War from the perspective of their home country. Jaclyn Stanke, Lee Trepanier and ...
  • European Polygraph no. 2 (36), 2016 (added: 2016-07-11) 

    Aleskovskiy, Sergey; Shurany, Tuvia; Tarabuła, Marcin; Widacki, Michał; Szuba-Boroń, Anna; Gołaszewski, Marcin; Widacki, Jan (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2016)
  • National and international security in contemporary changing reality. Pt. 2 (added: 2016-01-08) 

    Sienkiewicz, Piotr; Skulimowski, Mariusz; Bieniek, Mieczysław; Ćwięk, Henryk; Pružinský, Michal; Varhol’ák, Peter; Dzwigaj, Czesław; Liber, Janusz; Zawartka, Marek (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2012)
    This study is devoted to the new trends in research, especially in the field of security studies, including national and international security, in the evolving areas of contemporary reality. The book is addressed ...
  • The Solidarity movement and perspectives on the last decade of the Cold War (added: 2017-07-28) 

    Domaradzki, Spasimir; Kramer, Mark; Bessonova, Maryna; Grozev, Kostadin; Verhofstad, Rob; Trepanier, Lee; Stanke, Jaclyn (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2010)
    From introduction by Jaclyn Stanke: The origins of this volume are rooted in the many discussions and meetings that took place between Maryna Bessonova, Spasimir Domaradzki, and Rob Verhofstad over the past several years. ...