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  • A Hundred Years of Polygraphy: Some Primary Changes and Related Issues (added: 2020-07-10) 

    Horvath, Frank (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2020)
    "The question to be addressed is essentially: “Supposing you were a polygraph examiner in the early years of the fi eld, what are the foremost changes you have witnessed in the last 100 years?”"(...)
  • Chicago: Birthplace of Modern Polygraphy (added: 2019-11-25) 

    Horvath, Frank (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2019)
    "The city of Chicago apparently got its name from the Miami-Illinois Indian word “shikaakwa,” meaning ‘smelly leek (garlic/onion)’. The leeks were prevalent along the river that flowed through the area (now the city of ...
  • Chicago: Where Polygraph Becomes a Science (added: 2019-06-24) 

    Slowik, Stanley M.; Horvath, Frank (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2019)
    In the 1920’s, earlier work on polygraph instrumentation and procedure in Europe and the United States came together in Chicago where John Reid and Fred Inbau at the Scientifi c Crime Laboratory applied extensive field ...
  • Development of Technologies and Test Formats for Credibility Assessment (added: 2019-05-30) 

    Pollina, Dean A.; Horvath, Frank; Denver, John W.; Dollins, Andrew B.; Brown, Troy E. (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2009)
    From introduction: "Because Credibility Assessment is a relatively new and developing field there are different ways of describing it and what it encompasses. For ihe purposes of this paper Credibility Assessment is ...
  • European Polygraph 2020, Volume 14, Number 1 (51) (added: 2020-07-09) 

    Widacki, Jan; Larson, John A.; Amsel, Tuvya T.; Barland, Gordon; Fleisher, Bill; Handler, Mark; Horvath, Frank; Krapohl, Donald J.; Matte, James Allan; Slowik, Stanley M.; Shapovalov, Vitalii (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2020)
  • European Polygraph 2022, Volume 16, Number 1 (55) (added: 2022-10-17) 

    Horvath, Frank; Peters, Robert; Gołaszewski, Marcin; Wilcox, Daniel T.; Berry, Rosalind; Grove, Emma; Pérez-Campos Mayoral, Eduardo; Fisher, Ronald; Langer, Arre Anne; Pérez-Campos, Eduardo Lorenzo; Pérez-Campos Mayoral, Laura; Hernandez-Huerta, María Teresa; Matias-Cervantes, Carlos Alberto (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2022)
  • European Polygraph no. 1 (35), 2016 (added: 2016-04-26) 

    Amsel, Tuvya T.; Knyazev, Vladimir; Matselya, Olya; Slowik, Stanley M.; Horvath, Frank (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2016)
  • European Polygraph nr 1 (3), 2008 (added: 2014-12-16) 

    Horvath, Frank; Saldžiūnas, Vitas; Kovalenko, Aleksandr; Jaworski, Ryszard; Widacki, Jan (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2008)
  • European Polygraph nr 1 (47), 2019 (added: 2019-06-24) 

    Widacki, Jan; Mirska, Natalia; Wrońska, Małgorzata; Slowik, Stanley M.; Horvath, Frank; Shapovalov, Vitaliy (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2019)
  • European Polygraph nr 2 (2), 2007 (added: 2014-12-16) 

    Widacki, Jan; Zagdan, Magdalena; Konieczny, Jerzy; Horvath, Frank (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2007)
  • European Polygraph nr 2 (48), 2019 (added: 2019-11-25) 

    Horvath, Frank; Wilcox, Dan T.; Amsel, Tuvya T. (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2019)
  • European Polygraph nr 3 (29), 2014 (added: 2016-02-16) 

    Konieczny, Jerzy; Wojciechowski, Bartosz Wojciech; Horvath, Frank; Widacki, Jan; Szuba-Boroń, Anna (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2014)
  • European Polygraph nr 3-4 (9-10), 2009 (added: 2014-12-17) 

    Pollina, Dean A.; Horvath, Frank; Denver, John W.; Dollins, Andrew B.; Brown, Troy E.; Shurany, Tuvia; Matte, James Allan; Stein, Einat; Zanev, Svetoslav; Saldžiūnas, Vitas; Kovalenko, Aleksandras; Gaidarov, Kalin; Lewandowski, Edward; Lewandowski, Łukasz; Wrońska, Małgorzata; Konieczny, Jerzy (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2009)
  • Is the Lie Detector an American Obsession? A response to K. Alder (added: 2019-05-31) 

    Horvath, Frank (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2008)
    "This is an important book. It is the best work that has appeared in the field in a long, long while. It’s a fascinating, terribly overdue historical assessment, a semi-supplement to Trovillo’s (1939; 1940) early history ...
  • Polygraph Testing and Social Intolerance: A Warning to Examiners Outside of the United States (added: 2022-10-17) 

    Horvath, Frank; Peters, Robert (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2022)
    The use of polygraph testing in the applicant screening process for law enforcement positions is widely accepted in the United States and elsewhere. Generally, that testing includes questions related to past behaviors ...
  • The Behavioral Analysis Interview: Clarifying the Practice, Theory and Understanding of its Use and Effectiveness (added: 2019-05-31) 

    Horvath, Frank; Blair, J. Pete; Buckley, Joseph P. (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2008)
    The Behavioral Analysis Interview (BAI) is the only questioning method that has been developed specifically to help investigators sort those who are likely to be ‘guilty’ from those who are not. In its typical application ...