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  • Szansa Polski po kryzysie finansowym 2007/2008+ (added: 2019-04-11) 

    Żukrowska, Katarzyna (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2013)
    The Polish economy has proved that it works better in difficult (read crisis) conditions than the most economies in the region as well as the economies from the group of most developed economically states. Poland in the ...
  • Transatlantycka liberalizacja handlu i przepływu kapitału (added: 2019-04-09) 

    Żukrowska, Katarzyna (Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM, 2014)
    The concept of liberalization of economic relations between the EU and US is not new. Never before 2013 negotiations of such an agreement were performed. Until May 2014 fi ve negotiation rounds were conducted. The leading ...