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    Complementary Use of Profiling and Polygraph Method in Slovenia During the Period 1997-2004 [1]
    Compliance programs and artificial intelligence [1]
    Complications profile after robotic pancreatic surgery [1]
    Composition and Biological Properties of Agaricus bisporus Fruiting Bodies – a Review [1]
    Conditions and Requirements of Polygraph Examination [1]
    Confirmed Mental Countermeasure Case in Costa Rica [1]
    Considering National, Cultural, and other Features of Kazakh-Speaking Subjects of Polygraph Examinations [1]
    Constructive Diversity in Multicultural Australia [1]
    Consultative bodies in the commune government in Poland and French Republic - a comperative perspective. Selected issues [1]
    Contemporary Chinese Historiography, with Special Emphasis on Taiwanese Historiography. Part one [1]
    Contemporary conflict management and peace in the lands of ziggurats and pyramids [1]
    Contemporary Dilemmas of Management [1]
    Content analysis algorithms: an innovative and accurate approach to statement veracity assessment [1]
    Contesting the Dominant Culture? The Promise Keepers and Aglow International Parachurch Movements [1]
    Continuity in language: styles and registers in literary and non-literary discourse [1]
    Conventionality Control (American Convention on Human Rights) [1]
    Correlations between the contemporary ideology of the North Korean and chosen Confucjanism values [1]
    Council of Europe overall strategy to fight against poverty [1]
    COVID-19 jako nowa determinanta bezpieczeństwa w komunikacji lotniczej [1]
    Critical Changes Over the 100 Year Evolution of Polygraph Practices [1]